Early to rise

Photo of sunrise

I’ve always been an early riser. I love the calmness and quiet that comes with mornings. I wish I could give concrete tips on how to learn to wake up earlier but really, there is no method to my madness. There are some days where I wish I could sleep in, but no matter how tightly I clench my eyelids against the sunlight, snuggle beneath the sheets, or smother my face against the pillow, once I’m up, I’m up. No later than 7. Usually 6. More recently? 5:30.

If it serves as any inspiration at all, I can list a number of benefits to waking up early and things that I enjoy about rising with the sun.

According to the experts, waking up early means:

Success: A list of 23 successful, early-rising entrepreneurs.

Better Grades: A study by Texas University found that students who consistently woke up early each day scored better test scores and overall GPAs.

Productivity: Getting a jump start on your day  provides time for planning and anticipated problem solving.

Stress relief: Time to sip (not chug) your coffee, pour over the morning paper, enjoy a leisurely shower… With just 15 more minutes, the possibilities are endless.

Meditation: Set the tempo for your day: Stretch, plan, focus, read, write, plan, relax, breathe.

Exercise: Increase your energy and alertness, release endorphins, boost metabolism, and get a better night’s rest.

And here are some things I love about waking up early:

The view.

Photo of sunrisePhoto of sunrisePhoto of sunrise

The solitude.

Photo of empty streets

The first cup of coffee.

Photo of coffee cup

Not to mention…

Breakfast is the BEST meal of the day.

Photo of breakfast

You have time to make your lunch…

Photo of lunch

Figure out what to wear…

Photo of scattered clothes

And all of your favorite options are available at your local coffee shop.

Photo of bakery items

So get up, get going, and carpe the fuck outta your diem.