Boston: Where the unimaginable is a guarantee

Last weekend,  Boston celebrated its 43rd annual Gay Pride Parade.  Participants and onlookers of all ages gathered on the beautiful June day to promote equality and celebrate sexual diversity.

Photo of Pride Parade 2013

Half-dressed marchers danced to the beat of Top 40,  “Queers of Yesteryear” rolled by on carriages, and fully robed Wiccans blessed a few lucky bystanders.

Photo Queers of Yesteryear

This was my first time attending Pride. Both the atmosphere and the energy made me think of what the Mummers Parade of Philadelphia must have looked like in its prime.

Photo of Mummers Parade

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Another highlight of the day includes the participation of NBA player Jason Collins, the first male US athlete in a major professional sport to come out as gay. Jason came out just this past April, and walked alongside Congressman Joe Kennedy (his former college roommate) in the parade on Saturday.

Photo of Jason Collins at Pride Parade

Courtesy of CBS News

As I mentioned, there was an electric energy that reverberated throughout the crowd. Despite the mass numbers of attendees, there was an intimate sense of community that united us all amid the festivities. Massachusetts was the first state in the US to legalize same-sex marriage with the Goodridge v. Department of Public Health Supreme Court ruling in 2004. And Boston’s been celebrating ever since.

Photo of Boston Pride Parade

I am proud to be part of a city that is so unquestionably, outwardly, and genuinely accepting. In this, we are truly a unique part of the country; achieving such a level of inclusion is still viewed as unimaginable to much of the country. So while everyone else struggles to catch up, come join our party. Boston Pride is proof that there is room enough for everybody.