Two beginnings

For me, this past Sunday was a dual celebration:

My Commencement

Photo of tasselThe beginning of my adult life, post-grad


Mother’s Day

Photo of my motherThe source and beginning of my life

I was so happy to share this day with my mother. Over the course of the day, it became more and more evident how much these two celebrations should go hand-in-hand. I owe every ounce of my happiness and success to my mother.

Sometimes this is easy to forget, now that I am no longer living at home and consumed by adult responsibilities and other distractions. When I was younger, my mom’s proximity made her a constant presence and source of help and advice. My graduation day was an acute reminder of all that she has given me and continues to provide.

All that my mom did for me on Sunday, on her day, is just a snapshot of the things she’s done for me my entire life.

She decorated my graduation cap…

Photo of doily cap

Filled my closet with lace…

Photo of lace vest

And brought me coffee in bed.

Photo of coffee in bed

She was ready to help when things went wrong…

Photo of difficut grad cap

And to take my picture as I walked across the stage.

Photo of me getting my diploma

I said that I liked her shirt… So she gave it to me.

Photo of shirt

My achievements are every bit a credit to my mom’s efforts, as they are mine. I realize that not everyone was so lucky to spend the day with their mothers, but I hope everyone took a moment on Sunday to appreciate all that they have given us. Because really, where would we be without them? I never would have made it through college, through life, without mine.

Photo 1st picture with mom