Weekend Excursion: Nantucket

Photo of Nantucket


Summer is still more than a month away and I can already start crossing items off of my bucket list. My visit to Nantucket was more of an abbreviated weekend trip —I was only on the island for about 20 hours. But I was lucky to visit on the most beautiful spring day and for one of Nantucket’s most time honored holidays: Daffodil Weekend.

Photo of daffodils

Daffodils in bloom

“Daffy” as it’s called, celebrates the millions of colorful daffodils that bloom across the island from early April to mid-May. While an antique car parade is considered the highlight of the festivities, I unfortunately arrived to the island at the tail end of this tailgate party. I was still able to enjoy the decorated storefronts and inhabitants donning bright shades of yellow: girls pranced down the streets with floppy flowers pinned in their hair, and poor, helpless puppies were amusingly subjected to wearing the same garb.

Highlights of my trip include:

Walking around town

Photo of Town


Photo of Nantucket Catholic Church

Nantucket Catholic Church

Photo of Nantucket House

Prettiest house on the island

Photo of Nantucket Library

The Nantucket Library

Visiting the bookshop, Nantucket Bookworks

Photo of Nantucket Bookshop

A gem of a bookstore

Napping in the sunny reading alcove in front of the Nantucket Library

Photo of reading alcove

Reading alcove

Dinner at The SeaGrille Restaurant

Photo of SeaGrille Restaurant

Courtesy of The SeaGrille

Order the Mussels with Dill, Dijon & Fennel

Photo of the mussels

Courtesy of The SeaGrille

Breakfast at Black Eyed Susan’s

Photo of Chandelier

Pretty chandelier inside

This island is saturated with the quaintness that pervades every small New England town: slower pace, cobbled streets, shuttered windows, and all. Bikes are the preferred mode of transportation, and are commonly seen carrying books or flowers in their baskets. A symphony of singing birds set the soundtrack for the day and bright stars embellish the sky at night. Neighbors collaborate, rather than co-exist, and every single person you pass on the street will say “hello.”

Photo of tossing penny off ferry

I’ll be back!

Paying a visit to such a low-key place was a welcome change to my more hectic city life. On the ferry back to “America” I threw a penny into the water while rounding the Brant Point Lighthouse, to ensure a trip back. Now I just need to re-learn how to ride a bike. I’ll add it to the bucket list.